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We have spent over 3 months hidden behind a camera. Face to face team building will be more prevalent as we now look to reconnect with colleague and friends

Having spent the past few months communicating with our #colleagues and #friends online over Zoom, Skype and Teams, we have almost forgotten what it is like to socially interact without being hidden behind a camera.

It comes with good news that #hotels, #resorts, holiday parks and many more outdoor #venues will begin to re open from the 4th July and many employees will begin to return to their workplace.

Everyone should now be thinking about tools and techniques to reconnect with colleagues and friends and the solution is - face to face #teambuilding. Having spent most of the year isolated away from your peers, it is vitally important to boost team morale and motivation and team building might be your solution.

Despite the new 1 meter social distancing rules, most team building can still take place especially as we now have the exposure to use outdoor venue space. Here are just a few simple and easy to set up team building activity ideas for you to consider:

Combat Archery

Keeping the 1 meter distance rule intact, team combat #Archery is a fun-filled, exciting and intense game played with bows and foam-tipped arrows used to tag your opposition in a series of competitive team and individual games. Foam tipped arrows allow safe fun, meaning no injuries!

Art Masterpiece

This team building activity allows you to work as a team to release your inner artists and paint a masterpiece of epic proportions. At the end of the session the individual canvases will be joined together to create a renowned painting. Most companies take their canvases away to be put up in their offices.

GPS Challenge, Ipad Treasure Hunt

Interactive, fun and competitive, GPS Challenge is the ultimate treasure hunt. With video challenges, creative photos, tasks, timed questions and quizzes to undertake, the GPS challenge will keep your teams engaged from start to finish. This activity can take place in almost any outdoor location making it easy to set up for your team.

Alternatively, if you are hesitant to explore an outdoor activity then there are a number of virtual team building activities to be explored:

  • Virtual Murder Mystery

  • Virtual Escape Room

  • Virtual Wine Tasting

If you need any assistance with reconnecting with colleagues and friends through a team build activity please send an email to

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